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I wish to dedicate this site to my father, who taught me at a very early age to appreciate the things that would ultimately matter in life. He arrived in this country from Italy almost one hundred years ago. With very little formal education of his own, he imparted upon me an appreciation for classical music, art, good food and wine, all of which define who I am today. As a child, I spent hours drawing to satisfy my need to be creative. To satisfy that need in later years, I discovered other outlets such as gardening, home decorating, and during my career, planning large, elegant events.  Art, in one form or another has always been a part of my life, however, the defining moment had come at a much earlier age.

At Christmas in 1956, my parents gave me a Brownie camera. Hence, my love affair with photography began. That hobby eventually led to chronicling the lives of the family in which I grew up, and today, the lives of my four children and their growing families. I've created many beautiful scrapbooks, books that are filled with joyful memories, books I hope my family will enjoy for years to come. As I worked on over sixty family albums, I learned many things about the art of scrapbooking. The first step is to create and design a layout for each page. The second and even more important step is selecting the right paper for each layout because it's that special paper coupled with your photographs, that pull a page together to "tell a story." I'd like to share a secret with you... it must be beautiful paper!

In 2007, I decided to fulfill a dream and open my own store. Che Bella Carta, is an online paper store where you, the customer, can sit back, relax and purchase lovely, elegant paper from your home.

I'm happy you've found my web site and hope you'll always find at my store the unique, beautiful paper you're looking for.


Mary Lou Meisler (nee Massi)

Che Bella Carta


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